The Panga Skiff 20′ Panga

The 20 foot Panga we are producing is nearing production as of June 2018 (UPDATED 5/28/2018). If you have spent anytime on our website, reading the blogs, and homepage you can see we are at this writing trying to keep people updated because interest in our 20′ panga has increased. Please feel free to read the other blogs on this Panga website. We will be adding ‘real’ photos of the hull AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !! Getting a boat like this Panga 20 takes time, to do it right… Please stay tuned ! Please contact us for more info ! Please see the gallery. I urge you to call Tom, and discuss the panga… his contact info is on this site.

UPDATED 5/28/2018.  We are behind on production goal of early 2018 but hoping molds be ready by July !!!   Please feel free to call or email us !