Panga Boat manufacturer we are

We are working on getting the word out about our new 20 foot Panga as the molds are being made for the boat. We expect at this writing to have boats in production in Sept-October 2020. We had hoped for earlier date but just cannot make it happen. We already have Florida dealers lined up as well as some in the Hilton Head area of South Carolina so we ARE working fast on it. We are not a new manufacturer of boats in case you find this and are wondering lol. This panga will be built by some of the best in the business, using the best in materials, and NO WOOD. With full length composite floor, bow to stern, composite stringers, and front deck, it is a Panga that will stand up to ANY.
Pangas are interesting boats. They are used world wide but still not so much in the USA. I hope to help change this. With a panga that will hold true to WHAT pangas were designed for originally I hope to show people you CAN have a boat that is VERY adaptable from the deep to the shallows, whether fishing, diving, or family outings, or trolling, or beaching on your favorite beach for lunch or a sunset. Pangas will do it all if designed right, and used properly. Power is always a thing I see with panga hulls that is misunderstood. I see a LOT of overpowered panga hulls. Panga hulls were DESIGNED to be powered with low power…so don’t overpower it ! Lower power saves weight as well, making the boat much easier to beach and shove off, not to mention keeping your fuel bills much lower. Going fast is cool, but Ill take the weight savings ANY day.

Panga Skiff boat 20'
20 foot panga