Boat building 101 – a Panga hull plug from scratch

Building the 20′ Panga mold from scratch the way it should be.

I thought I would try to keep this small blog alive as the hull develops. The plug is coming along quickly. As of November 20, 2017 the hull is planked as seen in picture. The next step we will be adding the ‘sheerline beam’ that is the thing that most people recognize first about panga boat hulls. The sheerline beam on this 20 foot panga skiff will have a slightly larger front end in the bow to help deflect water, other than that she is pretty standard.
Once again….We are offering a panga that is true to the panga form- simple, narrow, rugged, with shallow draft, and the features you expect from a panga.
I expect this boat plug to be finished in the coming week when we will begin fairing the hull in preparation to build the mold. We already have people stepping forth to order and a few boat dealers in Florida and South Carolina as well will be selling these.
If you have questions and would like to talk about- please by all means contact us on the contact page. You can reach us easily.