Panga Boats-

Boats designed and manufactured for a reason.

The Panga is a fishing and work boat common throughout much of the world, from Mexico thru the caribbean, to Asia.  The Panga Skiff has stood the test of time because it works, and it works well. A Simple boat, with an open layout, no frills, and outboard-powered. They have the ability to handle a multitude of conditions from very shallow waters to larger seas than its size would suggest. The Panga Skiff is a versatile boat made popular because of its low cost, ability to run with small outboards, and handle many types of conditions. Designed to be beach launched and landed the panga is definitely an all around type boat. One can see panga hulls on beaches, in fishing lodges across the caribbean, and in commercial fisherman's hands because once again, they work. The panga style boat is made in a few countries but a lot of American made pangas have lost their 'roots'... but not these boats. We will be manufacturing a 20' Panga, 100 percent american made, and true to the panga form that made them popular- Simple, rugged, no-frills, and priced like pangas - not over the top bay boats or skiffs....

STAY TUNED IN - ... its coming soon in mid 2018 (July)...Panga skiffs - built as they should be